Benefits of Promoting Your Site Effectively Using Directory Submission Services

Site promotion basically involves the ability to build quality backlinks for your website. Link building can be made easier by submitting your site’s URL or web page to directories online. This will help increase your page rank on search engines.

You will find several directories online but on classification you may narrow down to only two kinds of directories, those that contain a wider variety of particular categories, for instance health, electronics and business categories. They also called general directories while those that are more targeted to a specific area say, business only are called niche directories.

Although both general and niche directories will still give you a chance to effectively promote your site, you expect the general directories to attract more traffic because users are certain they can almost get any information they are looking from the numerous submissions.

Be specific to your keyword when submitting your sites content or URL to directories. That means you should choose within the directory a relevant category to the information you are providing. Your site is now a midst others with good page rank and when a visitor searches the directory and lands on your content which they find intresting they may follow your link which definitely leads them to your site. Now that’s a source of traffic.

Try to do directory submission manually. I know there are lots of softwares that promise faster submission to hundreds of directories. But for now, automated systems are a big NO, especially if you are just starting out in internet marketing. There are usually guidelines to follow in the process of submission, and you don’t expect these automated robots to stay by the rules. Your site will soon be banned for spamming.

Directory submission when done correctly can be a great piece of magic in website promotion.

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